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Our story began 40 years ago when our father began trading diamonds in the United States and Israel simultaneously and developed a business for buying and selling polished raw diamonds around the globe. Since then, the company has gained extensive experience and a worldwide reputation as a company that sells quality diamonds in special polishes and is accessible to the Israeli Diamond Exchange. Today Ben and Guy Jewelry is a family company, 2 generations of diamonds and TASE members and located within the Diamond Exchange itself.

In 2014, the twins, Ben and Guy, decided to take action and set up a subsidiary whose goal was to make these high-quality diamonds accessible to the Israeli public using luxury jewelry and custom-designed jewelry. When each customer is a full partner in the process of manufacturing the jewelry, from the design of the sketch to the finished jewelry. As a breakthrough in social networks and the Internet, Ben and Guy are actually one of the first companies in Israel to access all the wealth that exists on the Israeli Diamond Exchange. Ben and Guy Jewelry engraved their service, integrity and reliability as a hallmark of the company, in addition to unique designs and diamonds of the highest quality in the jewelry scene in Israel.

“אנחנו כאן ללוות אתכם ברגעים המאושרים ביותר של חייכם, בכל רגע ורגע, כי מבחינתנו כל לקוח שלנו הוא עולם ומלואו.”


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