Measure the ring and select the correct size

It is not easy to choose the right ring size for a big marriage טבעת אירוסין However, there are a variety of methods to ensure that you are buying an engagement ring that fits her perfectly. If you know her ring size, you can buy her jewelry with confidence. This is especially useful when you are looking to buy engagement rings from different sources. People looking for rings, whether it's for themselves or anyone else, should know the dimensions of your finger to make the best purchase

Ring size measurement
Whether it is cheap engagement rings or the most prestigious of their measurement is the same in all of them. Measuring ring sizes can be very easy, there are several ways to do this:
wrap a string around your finger and the seizure of two wire ends.
Mark the wire depending on the size finger and measure the size of the thread.
Observing proper meter outputs and comparing the specialized language in the meter size.
ניתן להוריד את אפליקציית “Ring Sizer” או כל אפליקציה אחרת.

Measuring the size of the engagement ring online
Many sites and applications allow shoppers to check the size of their engagement rings. Although these are great ways to get her ring size, these methods are not accurate as using a real test in front of the measuring rings.

Resizing a ring
Often people want to change the size of the engagement ring, whether they asked the wrong size and whether there were changes in the size of the fingers (which occurs in women due to hormonal changes). In some cases, people also want to change the size of the ring, so you can wear the ring on a different finger. Ring sizing process is very simple, it gives the company Ben and Guy jewelry as a free service to all customers!

Given the choice of site selecting and choosing a specific size standard size of the ring itself. In both cases given the option to change the size of the ring, a relatively simple process of getting the company's offices, measuring finger using professional tools at our disposal and receiving ring measuring about half an hour from the time when the ring finger corresponds Bidiok the required size.

Choosing between 14K and 18K gold
Carat is a measure to describe the degree of purity of gold and platinum alloy. Internationally accepted measurements jewelry are 14K, 18K

24K gold is pure gold. If a little more than 50% of the mass of the given alloy is gold, and the rest is other metals, then the alloy is considered 14K gold. If 75% of the alloy is gold and the remaining 25% is other metals, then it is considered to be 18K gold

If 75% of the mass of the alloy in question is 25% gold and other metals - then it is purified 18K gold.

IMPORTANT- two types of gold are considered very high quality and there is no real difference between them. It is important to emphasize that in the 14 K is considered to be more durable in terms of strength and is less vulnerable.

Further considerations before purchasing a ring
If you decide to buy an engagement ring, regardless of its price, it probably is a small, but very meaningful investment for you. Keeping that in mind, you should check the size carefully before purchasing the ring, so that the ring you choose will fit her perfectly. Measuring the ring size with the proper tools and determining the correct size can save a lot of time and avoid inconveniences. It also provides accuracy, and usually we recommend to go up a ring size in order to avoid hormonal changes or changes due to weather conditions

An engagement ring’s size is essential, and you must take it into consideration before buying the ring. In case you are unsure about her ring size, it’s okay! You can choose the standard ring size or the most common ring size (6), and afterwards make the desired changes

Measuring the ring size is not a difficult process, when taking into consideration the different methods of measurement. If you know her correct ring size, the whole procedure will be easier and more convenient. Furthermore, buying the ring and getting the size perfect will make the whole event much more special and unforgettable

מדריך הקניה שלנו יספק לך מידע מועיל על מדידת גודל טבעת האירוסין כראוי דבר שעשוי להיות קריטי לפני הצאת הנישואים. אנחנו מסייעים ללקוחות לקבל החלטות מושכלות על קניית התכשיטים שלהם, אנו מציעים טבעות אירוסין בקשת מחירים רחבה במיוחד מטבעות זולות שכל אחד יכול להרשות לעצמו ועד למיוחדות וליוקרתיות ביותר. אנו נעזור לכם לכל אורך הדרך בבחירת הטבעת המושלמת בשבילכם כך שאתם לא צריכים להתמודד עם שום מכשול בעת קניית הטבעת האירוסים. אתה מוזמן להיכנס לגלריית התכשיטים שלנו באתר או ברשתות החברתיות וליהנות ממגוון רחב של טבעות אירוסין יפיפיות ועוד תכשיטים רבים בעיצובים מיוחדים שלנו. אתה מוזמן להגיע אלינו ישירות למשרד בבורסת היהלומים וליהנות מ”הנוף” ממקור ראשון וכמובן כדי לקבל תשובות לכל השאלות. אנחנו נשמח לעזור לך בכל דרך אפשרית!

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