The best way to choose and purchase diamonds

The issue of choosing diamonds has become very important for us. People usually associate diamonds with romance, as they hold a deep and special meaning for us, and specifically for women, who cherish and love them. That being said, and although diamonds are incredibly popular, most people don’t know how to choose and purchase the perfect diamond. Educating yourself about the diamond industry, and the best way to choose a diamond, will come in handy when purchasing the perfect engagement ring. How to buy a diamond ring – engagement ring There are a few things to know before buying diamonds rings and jewelry
Type of jewelry
It is crucial to know which kind of jewelry you would like, especially because the options are endless. You must have clear priorities, and figure out how to customize the jewelry so that your special someone will love it, and the piece will stay with her for the rest of her life
Your budget
Assess your finances beforehand, so that you know how much money you can spend on the piece. It is vital that you stay in your financial comfort zone, and that you don’t end up spending more than you intended. If you don’t know your budget beforehand, you might find yourself in an embarrassing and uncomfortable feeling and position
The style
There are various jewelry styles that will can meet any budget type and any other expectation or will. You need to know what jewelry styles she likes and wears every day. The piece you buy should be something she can wear often, which would look good with her clothing, accessories and general style, but also something that is different and unique to everything else she owns
The size of the jewelry that you purchase is very important, no matter which style or type of jewelry you end up picking. For instance, buying a ring for your significant other requires that you know her ring \ finger size. For bracelets, you need to know her wrist size. Earring length also needs to be chosen carefully, especially when choosing hoop earrings. For more information, please see our ring size guide
The best place to purchase diamonds
קניית יהלומים צריכה להיות ממקור מאוד אמין שיספק לך רק יהלומים באיכות הגבוהה ביותר .חברת התכשיטים בא תבחר לקנות את התכשיט צריכה להיות מספיק מקצועית כדי לתת לך את כל הכלים הנכונים ולהכין אותך לבחירה של היהלום הנכון על פי עיקרון ה- 4C’s. ארבעת ה-C’s ביהלומים כוללים: חיתוך, ניקיון, גודל בקראט, וצבע. בלי לדעת על ארבעה ה-C’s לא תוכל לבחור תכשיט.
Carat Weight
The size and weight of the diamond will affect the worth of the stone. The bigger the diamond, the more it will be worth. The size \ weight of the diamond if measured on a special scale
Clarity refers to the absence of flaws in the diamond. In most cases, flaws can be seen with the help of a magnifying glass, and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Grades of clarity: Flawless (IF, VVS); Almost flawless – very difficult to see flaws without proper gear (VS1, VS2) Small inclusions – diamonds that are regarded as clear to the naked eye (SI1, SI2) Inclusions – diamonds that have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye (I1, I2
Color is also an important factor when choosing a diamond. The whiter \ more transparent a diamond is, the higher its value, and the pricier it will be. The diamond’s color is determined by the diamond dealer’s comparison of its color to color swatches. Diamonds’ colors are named by letters of the alphabet. The White Category, D-M: The letter ‘D’ is the first letter and refers to diamonds of the highest quality, while ‘M’ is the last letter. The Yellow Category, N-Z: The letter ‘N’ is the first letter and refers to diamonds of a yellow hue, while ‘Z’ is the last letter. The demand for yellow diamonds is lower. The colors are divided to these letters: D-F: collection colors (the 3 best colors) G-I: white colors J-K: commercial whites
The diamond’s cut also serves as a factor when choosing a diamond, although the least important of the 4 C’s. The cut of a diamond refers to how its polished, and whether or not it was polished according to the industry’s standard sizes. For more information, please visit us at the Diamond Exchange. Our company, Ben & Guy Jewelers provides you, our client, with the highest quality products. We spend a lot of time teaching clients how to buy diamonds, so that they can make the best decision and purchase. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 03 – 5625606 or email us at We are more than happy to help and answer your questions. Lastly, further issues to consider
דברים אחרים לקחת בחשבון
You must decide on a reasonable, realistic price range before purchasing diamond jewelry. We advise doing this by considering the highest price you can afford to spend on the diamonds themselves. That way, you can choose a high quality diamond within your price range
We advise you to do a bit of research before purchasing jewelry, so that you come with a better, clearer idea of which kind of diamonds you can afford. This way, by becoming knowledgeable, you can avoid getting scammed or conned. Unfortunately, scamming is something that happens often
More advice
Choosing the perfect diamond is doable and easy when you take certain steps beforehand. We hope that this guide is helpful and useful when choosing and purchasing diamond jewelry, and that it will help make the ring (or other pieces of jewelry) a positive memory that will last a lifetime. With us, the purchase symbolizes the start of a solid and reliable relationship! We will be delighted to hear from you, help you, and answer your questions! Ben & Guy Jewelers | BG Jewelers | 03-562-5606

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