So here are some tips from the Ben and Guy jewelry family to you our dear customer.

  1. Never store your diamonds next to other pieces of jewelry that may cause scratches. Remember that a diamond may be the hardest substance on Earth but it is not indestructible. It is also important that the case that you keep your stone or jewelry in is lined with fabric, as a protecting and preventative measure taken.
  2. Another key aspect to take notice of with your jewelry is the regular inspection of the setting of your stone. Ben and Guy Jeweler's suggestion is to bring your jewelry to a professional jeweler once a year so that you may have the piece inspected and avoid the risk of a loose prong or damage occurring to your diamond or stone. Daily exposure to cleaning products, cosmetics and hair products can allow for the sparkle of your diamond to fade, however, if you are unable to take the stone to receive a professional cleaning, we may recommend purchasing a solution. You can also use a homemade remedy of scrubbing your jewelry with a soft bristled toothbrush and soaking the piece in a solution of warm water combined with several drops of ammonia to restore shine and brilliance.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Always remove your diamond or jeweler before any rough work takes place.

Severely avoid the contact of your diamond with chlorine bleach as this may damage and discolor the mounting.

  1. Most importantly, make it a point to bring your pieces to a professional jeweler for inspection of loose prongs so that you never run the risk of losing your stone.

Storage of Stone:
1. Be sure to keep your stone properly stored, in a fabric-lined jewel case that includes dividers so that the jewelry does not come into contact with other pieces that may scratch or harm the stone.
2. Never leave your ring in a place in the bathroom such as near the sink or toilet where they may run the risk of falling inside. On a general level, make it a habit to remove your jewelry at any point of the styling routine that may include contact with hair products, lotions, and other products that may hinder or damage the shine of your stone.

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